Designer Builds Inventive Gooseneck Tiny House After Life-Changing Accident

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June 8, 2023
terraform one tiny house-tour

There's no time like the now to reprioritize your life around what matters most.

Richard Ward is a contributing designer, and an amazing human being. Several years ago, he endured a life-changing, near-fatal motorcycle accident. Ultimately, this inspired his first tiny house design.

Following Richard's life-changing experience, he was inspired to reprioritize his life around his passions, quit his corporate job to work for himself, and build a tiny house on wheels.

Not long after, he designed a truly ingenious tiny house, the Terraform One. Importantly, it's a comfortable home that facilitates his favorite hobbies, biking and home brewing—room for three bicycles and two beer taps.

"The tiny house movement is not about the houses. It's about the lifestyle... For me the tiny house is freedom."

Richard went on to build it in just four months, with SIPs (structurally insulated panels), as well as an impressive number of salvaged and reclaimed materials.

Now we offer the Terraform One plans! Designer, Richard Ward

Do you work remotely? This could be an ideal tiny home for you with highly-functional home office space.

Overall, it's super-efficient, rated for extreme climates, tows beautifully, and offers loads of luxury perks not seen in other tiny house designs.

You can find out all the details about the Terraform One plans by clicking HERE.

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