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We're on a mission to curate the worlds greatest collection of top notch Tiny Home, Pre-fab, A-frame and Cabin plans.

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Your trusted partner in your search for the perfect tiny home plans.

We are committed to creating a one-stop shopping experience where you can browse through a large selection of beautiful and complete architectural tiny home plans.

Our wonderful team of tiny house designers have a vast and varied experience in living tiny, traveling tiny, architectural design, and construction. Together, we only share high-quality tiny house plans that have been successfully built before.

We hope you’ll take the plunge and step into your dream tiny house life. We can’t recommend it more highly, and as of yet, we haven’t met anyone who has regretted their decision to make the move to tiny, even if for only a season of their life.

We've spent the last 9 years of our lives pouring into the tiny house, cabin, small home, rv, van, a-frames, and the simple living movement and community.

We started and ran the worlds leading tiny house company, Tiny Heirloom,for 6 years where we designed and built over 100 custom tiny homes while also co-hosting a 4-Season TV show with HGTV called Tiny Luxury.

And now, we're curating the worlds greatest collection of resources and education for all things tiny homes through Tinyhouse.com and Tinyhouseplans.com

Jason and Zach Francis

Co-CEOs, Tiny House Plans

Our Values

Just as a home must be built on a strong foundation, we believe a company must be built on strong values. By staying true to our values we are confident we can create small home plans that continue to delight our customers for decades to come.


Our teams passion for eco-friendly living, small homes drives us to continue to create world class plans. From architects and designers to builders and tiny home dwellers, the tiny house team has spent decades in the tiny house industry learning how to best design and build a tiny home.

Small Home Perfection

With backgrounds in tiny homes, cabins, prefabs and ADUs, our plan sets are specifically created to maximize every square foot with layouts and designs that are functional and practical. Most of our designers have lived in small spaces for years which lends to incredible insights into what makes a perfect tiny home.

Client First

We operate on a client first basis. This means that our decisions are made in a way that equate to the best overall experience for you. Each and every plan on our site has been vetted by a team of professionals to ensure you are getting everything you need to start your tiny house journey the right way.

Meet the Designers

From architects and designers to builders and tiny home dwellers, the tiny house team of designers has spent decades in the tiny house industry learning how to design the perfect tiny home.

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