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Need custom plans for your dream small home? Explore how our talented team of designers, architects and builders can turn your dream into a reality.

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Your tiny house dreams brought to life with expertly designed plans.

We are committed to bringing each and every clients vision to life with beautiful and complete architectural tiny home plans.

Our talented team of tiny house designers, architects and builders have a vast and varied experience in living and traveling tiny, architectural and interior design, and construction. Together, we take your ideas from a blank page to a full set of blue prints you can use to have your tiny house built.

And now, we're opening up a limited amount of space for custom designed tiny homes every month. Apply now to get your dream tiny home custom designed.

We've spent the last 9 years of our lives pouring into the tiny house, cabin, small home, rv, van, a-frames, and the simple living movement and community.

We started and ran the worlds leading tiny house company, Tiny Heirloom, for 6 years where we designed and built over 100 custom tiny homes while also co-hosting a 4-Season TV show with HGTV called Tiny Luxury.

And now, we're opening up a limited amount of space for custom designed tiny homes every month. Apply now to get your dream tiny home custom designed.

Jason and Zach Francis

Co-CEOs, Tiny House Plans

Expertly Designed Tiny House Plans

Each custom tiny house plan set is designed and reviewed by our team of experts. That, combined with working closely with you, enables us to deliver an unmatched and unique set of plans to you at very affordable prices.


Our teams passion for eco-friendly, small homes drives us to continue to create world class plans. From architects and designers to builders and tiny home dwellers, the Tiny House Plans team has spent decades in the tiny house industry learning and implementing the best way to design and build a tiny home.

Small Home Perfection

With backgrounds in tiny homes, cabins, prefabs and ADUs, our plan sets are specifically created to maximize every square foot with layouts and designs that are functional and practical. Most of our designers have lived in small spaces for years which lends to incredible insights into what makes a perfect tiny home.

Client First

We operate on a client first basis. This means that our decisions are made in a way that equate to the best overall experience for you. Each and every plan we create is vetted by our talented team of professionals to ensure you are getting everything you need to start your tiny house journey the right way.

Custom Tiny Home Plans

Looking to design your very own small home, cabin, THOW, ADU, or other tiny home? Bring your vision to life with our custom tiny home plans. Limited availability.

Custom Plans

The perfect option for getting your dream tiny home designed by experts and delivered to you in a complete plan set.

Full Set of 2D Plans
2 one-hour design calls
2 Core Revisions
30-Day Guarantee
Get Your Dream Tiny Home Plans
Custom Plans+

Get your dream tiny home designed by experts and delivered to you in a complete plan set. The Custom Plans+ service is the complete white glove custom plan service that brings your vision to life.

Full Set of 2D Plans
1 one-hour design briefing call
2 Core Revisions
Two 30-minute revision calls
Lightning fast delivery of final plan set
Real Human Support
1-month free access to the Tiny House University
Get Your Dream Tiny Home Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for the most common questions about custom tiny home plans

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What is a Core Revision?

After each time we delivery a draft of the plans, you'll have an opportunity to make revisions. We group all revisions into two Core Revisions which helps us provide custom plans at a very competitive rate while also giving you a chance to work through any ideas and adjustments.

If you still need some small revisions after the two Core Revisions they will be billed at a $75/hour billing rate or you can add a third Core Revision for $500.

How many houses can I build with one set of custom plans?

You are only allowed to build one house with one set of custom plans. A agreement signed between both parties will indicate these terms. If you'd like to build multiple tiny homes with these designs, reach out and we'll discuss the possibility of a Commercial License with you!

What does THOW mean?

THOW is an abbreviation for Tiny House on Wheels.

How should I decide which type of trailer to build my tiny home on?

Generally, you need to have an idea of what style of tiny home you want and what your intended use is. If you plan to travel a lot, we'd recommend a 5th wheel or Gooseneck. If you want a standard tiny home that generally looks more homey from the outside, a stand bumber pull would be best. If you're wanting extra wide, it'll require a permit to travel down the road, but these are geneally pretty easy to get.

Who will own the rights to the plans? LLC will retain ownership of the plans. You will have the rights to build a single tiny home based on the plans that shall solely be for personal use. If you would like to build more than one tiny home based on the plans, or use it for commercial use, reach out and we can discuss the feasibility of a Commercial License!

How do I know what size vehicle I need to tow a tiny house?

Have you already done the calculation of reducing the published tow rating by 20%?  Using that rule, the alleged safe towing capacity margin for a tiny house is the vehicle’s tow capacity x 0.8. There are a lot of resources out there that address this topic – here is one example:

Why should I buy from you?

Because we’re awesome! Just kidding. In all seriousness, though, our team is made up of people that truly embody the tiny house lifestyle and “get” what it’s like to make the transition into it. We curate our designers and plans to reflect thriving examples of tiny house living. That's largely why we are the #1 provider of ready-to-build tiny house plans on the web. Plus, you’ll find at least a 5% discount on ANY of our plans than what you’ll find anywhere else on the web!

How do you treat your customers?

We pledge to offer the very best customer service we possibly can, every step of the way. We define outstanding customer service by offering super fast and helpful responses to questions by being attentive in our communications. Still have a question that's not answered in our FAQs? Give us a shout!

What's your return policy?

There is a no-return policy on all our plans but we are more than happy to help you with your questions ahead of time. We want you to be truly happy with your decision and will help get you there. You may read our full Terms and Conditions HERE.

Can these plans be permitted?

In order to use any plans purchased through us, you agree to retain and consult with a local engineer and/or architect to ensure that all structural elements meet the local codes and requirements and to confirm that local conditions are addressed. You also must agree to the Terms and conditions listed on our website.

Are the printed plans colored?

No, the plans are printed in black and white. There is no option for colored printing available right now but we'll definitely consider it!

What size are the plans?

Aside from the digital version of the plans, we can provide you with the printed version of the plans as well for an additional fee. The print shop we are working with is able to print a wide range of sizes. It's totally up to you. Blueprint sizes are typically 18” x 24” and 24” x 36”, but you can also find them in 30” x 42” and 36” x “48” sizes.

How much do the plans cost?

Our pricing is specified on this page, or reach out for more questions!

Are the plans stamped by an engineer?

No, the custom plans do not come with an engineer’s stamp. The reason is that engineering requirements vary so much from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We cannot anticipate what the needs will be for each plan sale we make. As such, if your building department requires a stamped set of plans, the next step would be to speak with an engineer.

What is included in the plans?

- Fully detailed and dimensioned floor plans for each level
- Suggested Trailer hold down locations
- Whole house cross-section or multiple cross sections if applicable
- Detailed elevations of all four sides of the house
- Typical wall sections and details
- Framing details for each level
- Roof framing details
- Schematic electrical drawings for each level
- General construction notes and specifications
- Window and door schedules
- Materials List

Will I receive a printed copy of the plans?

We will give you a digital copy of the plans. However, we can provide a printed version starting at $60!

Will the building department give me permission to build my tiny house with these plans?

Because regulations vary not only state to state but also county to county and city to city, we truly have no way of saying what your local building department will say. It’s up to you to do your due diligence if you are following a legal pathway. That said, having a set of professional plans will certainly benefit you if you go through an application process.

What happens after I've purchased an order for Custom Plans?

Once you've made the purchase, we will send you through email our Custom Design Agreement and a Design Intake Form so we can kick off your design!

What is the mode of communication?

Our communication channels include email, video call, and phone call. Take note that video calls and phone calls need to be scheduled in advance!

How long does it take to have custom plans made?

Typically, we can deliver a finished set of custom plans within 30 days. However, depending on your exact requirements and how efficient you are with providing specific feedback, it can take up to 60 days.

How secure is your ordering process?

Our shopping cart system meets and exceeds the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  We have achieved PCI DSS compliance by addressing and fulfilling all the requirements laid out in the SAQ-D by the PCI Security Standards Council.  Our team promises to consistently improve our security efforts and be continually vigilant in protecting all types of sensitive financial data.

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