Richard Ward

A Well Sought After Artist and Designer Turned Builder.

About This Designer

Terraform Tiny Homes began as a passion project of Richard Ward, an artist and designer turned builder. Terraform started as an attempt to live a sustainable life financially, emotionally, and environmentally. Richard wanted a home he could afford and a life he could enjoy without working 30+ years to pay off a mortgage. Terraform One took nearly two years to plan, but in September of 2015 the build began, and thanks to the SIPs style build and help provided by Artisan Tiny House, Richard was able to move in just 4 1/2 months later.

Over the last several years, Richard has become an expert on small space and alternative living design. Personally designing, building, and living in a 32 sq ft Honda Element for 5 months and extremely mobile 54 sq ft micro-home which he has called home since October of 2017.

Since building T1, Richard has consulted and designed on everything from Prius conversions, to Sprinter Vans, School Buses, and traditional Tiny Houses on Wheels. Richard loves the challenge and the creativity that comes with designing small spaces customized to fit an individual.

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