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Z Huis

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Z Huis

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192 SF plus 132sf of lofts (8’ x 24′ x 13’6″)
Up to 4
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The Details

The Z Huis tiny house is a modern, off-grid capable tiny home on wheels that is the result of a creative collaboration between homeowners Vince and Sam, designers/builders Wishbone Tiny Homes, and TV show Tiny House Nation. Built on an 8’x24′ custom trailer, this sturdy dwelling features a battery-backed 1KW solar PV system and off-grid water tank for total freedom. It also has creature comforts such as the “Zen Den”, multi-purpose secondary loft/office, huge bedroom loft, tiled shower, washer/dryer, and gas range with range hood. Perhaps the most unique element of this home is its climbing wall, which allows residents to access the secondary loft/office. All in all this home is great for 1 or 2 people looking for all the comforts of modern tiny home living with the option to be off-grid.

Note From the Designer

Approaching the Z Huis tiny house you will notice a free standing deck that allows access to the above-wheel-well patio entry door. As you cross the threshold into the home, one comfortable step down provides a cozy sense of arrival. Directly ahead, the Kaidan Dansu stair system pulls your eye upward and to the right, where a large primary loft beckons your arrival. Beneath the main loft is a galley style kitchen with a gas range, large sink, washer/dryer unit, refrigerator, ample countertops, and pantry storage options.

As you pass through the kitchen, you will notice a tile shower on the left and a water closet on the right. Between the shower and water closet is the control center for the solar PV system, allowing the system to be monitored from within the home.

On the opposite end of the home is the Zen Den, where you and friends can watch a flick, read books, or get zenned out. The partial wall separating this area from the entry provides privacy and a distinct feeling of spatial transition from the rest of the home. Above the Zen Den is the office and/or guest sleeping quarters. A hidden desk in the floor frame pops up for easy use when needed. Otherwise, a flat surface provides your guests with their own space to spread out. Access to this loft is provided by a quick ascent on a climbing wall, which of course could be replaced with a ladder if preferred.

Basic Information


Teal Brown

Name of Plan

Z Huis

Number of bedrooms / sleeping areas


Square Footage

192 sf (plus 132sf of lofts)

Finish Dimensions

8’ x 24′ x 13’6″


~14,000 pounds


DIY: $35,000
Turn Key: $75,000

Feature Highlights

  • Car Hauler Trailer (bed in between wheel wells)
  • Primary Bedroom Location: Loft
  • Additional Loft Details: Secondary Bedroom, Lounge Area, Storage & Stair Access (traditional concept of stairs)
  • Sleeps 4 people
  • Home Office
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Apartment Size Appliances
  • Shower
  • Compact Sized Lavatory
  • Composting Toilet
  • Roof Style: Shed Roof
  • Insulation: Rigid Foam and Batt Insulation
  • Heat Source: Gas Fireplace
  • Exterior Door: Long Side Location, Sliding Entry Door
  • Water Heater: On-Demand
  • Solar Ready (battery storage space, etc.)

What's Included with this plan set?

  • Custom trailer specs
  • Floor plans and elevations
  • Framing and attachment details
  • Floor, wall, and roof assembly details
  • Siding and roofing details
  • Window schedule
  • Electrical diagram, including off-grid solar set up

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What the community is saying

"I love these plans. I ordered them awhile back, it will be a fun project."
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Chad Logan
"I love absolutely everything about this tiny home. My dream home 😍"
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Vinessa Vasquez
Tiny House Enthusiast
"Timeless tiny house designs 🙌"
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Tiny House Expedition
Builders and Experts
"If I’m lucky enough to buy a tiny one day, it will be one from these guys. Their designs are totally my favorite."
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