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Best Known for his Z Huis Design: A Modern, Off-grid Capable Tiny Home on Wheels

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Teal Brown is the Owner of Wishbone Tiny Homes in Asheville, NC. Building alongside his father, Gerry, since toddlerhood, they partnered to start Wishbone Tiny homes in 2013 because of a shared love for the concept of tiny homes and the value they bring to people and the planet. Teal is a licensed general contractor with certifications in LEED, Energy Auditing and Solar PV. Wishbone Tiny homes has been featured on Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunters, and has appeared in several online, newspaper, and magazine publications.

Teal Brown is perhaps best known for his Z Huis design, a modern, off-grid capable tiny home on wheels that is the result of a creative collaboration between homeowners Vince and Sam, designers/builders Wishbone Tiny Homes, and TV show Tiny House Nation. Built on an 8’x24′ custom trailer, this sturdy dwelling features a battery-backed 1KW solar PV system and off-grid water tank for total freedom. It also has creature comforts such as the “Zen Den”, multi-purpose secondary loft/office, huge bedroom loft, tiled shower, washer/dryer, and gas range with range hood. Perhaps the most unique element of this home is its climbing wall, which allows residents to access the secondary loft/office. That said, our favorite feature about the Z Huis is the Zen Den…we can picture ourselves spending many hours relaxing comfortably in there and having enough space there to host our favorite friends. All in all this home is great for 1 or 2 people looking for all the comforts of modern tiny home living with the option to be off-grid.

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