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Applegate Cottage

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Applegate Cottage

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643 sf +200 sf loft (34’x25′)
Up to 4
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The Details

This beautiful bungalow-style home is perfect for those looking to get out of the rat race by downsizing into something that is super efficient and cost-effective. The Applegate Cottage is a perfect example of a space-smart design in which every space has a use and is essential to the overall flow of the home.
Designed by Chris Keefe of Organicforms Design to offer simple, elegant, comfortable, and affordable design.

Notes From the Designer

The Applegate Cottage design is about getting back to the basics. Back to when housing was about life and living, and not so much about the status quo. That said, this home isn’t rustic or primitive and incorporates all the conveniences one could want. It’s a perfect fit for a modern and environmentally conscious family.

At 643 sf (plus 200sf in lofts) this is a whole lot of home-sweet-home for the family that needs just a bit more space than a tiny. The simplicity in the design, including the open loft and common spaces, makes it comfortable while keeping the budget in control. We know people who have built this home from start to finish for around $30,000!

Walk Through:

The entry to the Applegate Cottage leads you into a spacious living area. The high vaulted ceilings make the space feel open, yet comfortable. The wood burning stove in the corner makes the home feel even more perfect, especially on chilly fall and winter afternoons. During hot summer months, the sun will be shielded by passive solar design elements. One of the beauties about straw bale construction is that no matter the season, the super insulated wall systems will keep your home climatized.

From the living area turning to the right is a private bedroom, large enough for a queen size bed as well as floor space for moving around. The kitchen and bath are placed next to each other so as to keep your plumbing costs down. To the left in the kitchen is a cozy breakfast nook. The small bump-out adds all the space you’ll need for a comfortable dining area. Above the kitchen and bathroom is the sleeping loft. It’s perfect for kids or guests, and has legal ceiling heights for conventional construction. In fact, the entire cottage is IRC code compliant.

This cottage has been built around the world in many locations by many happy owners. The common thread is that the home was not only inexpensive to build, but remains incredibly inexpensive to operate; the energy efficiency is amazing! If you’re interested in seeing another straw bale tiny house, click on THIS link.

Basic Information

Chris Keefe

Name of Plan
Applegate Cottage

1 plus additional sleeping loft

Foundation Type
Concrete Slab on Grade

Square Footage
643 sf (+200 sf loft)

Overall Footprint
34′ x  25’

DIY: $30,000
Turn Key: $90,000+

Feature Highlights

  • Concrete Slab on Grade
  • Primary Bedroom Location: First Floor
  • Additional Loft Details: Full Ceiling Height and Storage
  • Sleeps 4 people
  • Dining Area
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Apartment Size Appliances
  • Pantry
  • Shower/Tub Combo
  • Full-Sized Lavatory
  • Composting or Flushing Toilet
  • Roof Style: Gable Roof & Secondary Shed Roof
  • Insulation: Straw Bale Walls & High Density Batt Insulation
  • Heat Source: Gas Fireplace or Wood Stove
  • Water Heather: On-Demand
  • Straw Bale Construction
  • Solar Ready (battery storage space, etc.)
  • Super Insulated

What's Included with this plan set?

  • Fully Dimensioned Floor Plans
  • Foundation Plan
  • Building (Exterior & Interior) Elevations
  • Door and Window Schedules
  • Electrical Plan
  • Building Sections with Detail Call Outs and Elevations
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • Multiple Framing Detailed Sections

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What the community is saying

"I love these plans. I ordered them awhile back, it will be a fun project."
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Chad Logan
"I love absolutely everything about this tiny home. My dream home 😍"
Author photo
Vinessa Vasquez
Tiny House Enthusiast
"Timeless tiny house designs 🙌"
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Tiny House Expedition
Builders and Experts
"If I’m lucky enough to buy a tiny one day, it will be one from these guys. Their designs are totally my favorite."
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Tiny House Enthusiast


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