Chris Keefe

Optimized Plans through two decades of Design and Masters in Architecture and Ecological Design

About This Designer

Hello, My name is Chris Keefe.  I arrived in Ashland Oregon in the summer of 2001 fresh out of graduate school where I received a Masters in Architecture and Ecological Design at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture.  I started Organicforms Design soon after, and dove head on into the world of alternative design, with an emphasis on straw bale, with close friends Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, and became co-founder of the revolutionary website,  Once that site was up and rising, I moved to focus exclusively on Organicforms Design.  

I have spent the past 20 years working closely with conventional contractors, natural builders, owner-builders, consultants, and engineers within both the conventional and alternative building worlds, troubleshooting and providing user friendly and cost effective plans for owner builders and professional builders alike.  It’s no wonder that 90% of my clients build the house that they spend the rest of their lives in.  I am grateful to share two decades of design evolution through my plans to help save you time and money and guide you in your journey to build, to live, and to thrive in the home of your dreams.

I currently live in Ashland, OR with my wife and kids.  In my spare time, my wife and I run a sweet little plant shop called Bestow here in Ashland.  Come say Hi.  Life is good!

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