Top 4 Under Sink Water Filters for Tiny Houses

Alexis Stephens
July 28, 2021
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June 7, 2023
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Under sink water filters are a popular variety of home filtration systems. They're point-of-use systems famous for their space-saving designs. Under sink water filters have become more efficient over the years and are a suitable alternative to the more complex, large-sized filtration systems.Having them in your home comes with multiple benefits; You save money on bottled water and reduce your plastic consumption. Many of them are also relatively easy to install (or require no plumbing), which helps you cut down installation costs. In addition, the best of these filters will eliminate chemicals like chlorine and microorganisms like bacteria. They'll also get rid of foul odor and taste in your water. Under sink water filters are perfect if you have a tiny home. They save space and provide you with clean water. Unfortunately, picking the right under sink filter can be tricky.

We've reviewed some of the best under sink water filters for tiny houses that should meet your needs.

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Top 4 Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Here are some of our top picks for under sink water filters. We chose them based on the most compact designs, effective filtration techniques, and simple installation processes. 1) Aquaversa MP750 (MULTIPURE)The Aquaversa tops the list for compactly designed under sink filters. Its filter housing can be mounted to a cabinet leaving enough room for other items to be kept under the sink. This filter is NSF certified and uses a solid carbon block filter that catches a lot of contaminants. In addition, the design makes it effectively resist clogging. It has a capacity of 750 gallons and maintains a strong flow rate even at peak water consumption. The installation process is pretty straightforward too. Filter costs per year round up to about $96, and you'll likely only need to replace the filter annually.

2) WaterDrop RO Under Sink Water Filter

The WaterDrop has a very efficient under sink reverse osmosis filter. It costs significantly less than other built-in RO systems. It is certified under one of the highest NSF standards (58), which means it can get rid of a wide range of contaminants, including heavy metals and pharmaceuticals. Although the filter may be considered pricey for an under sink filter, its features definitely make it worth the money. It is a tankless system and, therefore, space-efficient. The filter also has a smart control panel that shows the amount of total dissolved solids it is removing from your water. The only downside is that this filter is not suited for well water. Well water usually has large particles that will cause clogging in the filter.  If your tiny home uses well water, you have to be very careful about choosing your filter because not everyone will work for you. You may need to read a couple of reviews online to help you find the best under sink filter for well water.

3) Aquasana AQ-5200

The Aquasana AQ-5200 is another compact and highly efficient under-sink filter that is widely available and affordable. It is NSF certified and removes at least 77 contaminants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, mercury, and PFOA. The filter housing is no larger than a few soda cans, so it can comfortably fit under your kitchen sink without taking too much space. It usually has a separate faucet which comes in different finishes and is made of high-quality metal. Aquasana recommends that users replace the filter every six months. This will cost around $60 for each cycle and $120 for a year.

4) APEC Essence ROES-PH75

The APEC Essence is a reverse osmosis system that eliminates a lot of chemicals from lead to VOCs. This filter is unique because of its remineralization feature. Usually, after the whole filtration process in RO systems, the filtered water loses some essential minerals and tends to taste bland. But this filter adds healthy minerals to water to give it a more refreshing taste. The filtration process works in 6 stages, with the last stage consisting of a remineralizing alkaline calcium filter which makes the water a little more alkaline. So, the end product usually tastes something like bottled water. The APEC filter is compact and suitable for small cabinets. It comes with an instruction manual to guide you on installation. The average flow rate of the APEC filter is 75 gallons per day.

Under Sink Water Filters for Tiny Houses

We recommend that you do some more research before deciding on a filter for your home. Before choosing your under sink filter for your tiny house, you'll have to consider your water quality, the filter's flow rate, average lifespan, the contaminants it handles, the size and components, cost, installation, and warranty. But, of course, the most important thing is that it perfectly meets your needs.Once you've gotten a good filter, you'll be able to relax, knowing you can get purified water on demand and will live a healthier, more comfortable life.

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