5 Tips on Saving Money When Moving

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June 2, 2024
5 Tips on Saving Money When Moving

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Whether it's a local move between neighborhoods, cities, states, or even across countries, relocating involves many emotions, and excitement is one of them.

Then, there's the aspect of cost, especially when moving to a place with a high living standard like Natick, Massachusetts. Relocation isn't cheap, and if you're trying to cut costs, there are some helpful ways to do so.

Forget about DIY-ing the moving process; hire professional movers if you're relocating to that part of Massachusetts. It will be costly, but you can also mitigate just how much you pay these moving experts.

Let's discuss a few ways to help you spend less and save more with pro movers during this transition time.

Pack Light, Spend Less

It's all about the weight or how much load you'll be moving with.

When there are many properties to move or heavy belongings to transport, the final cost automatically spikes. For local movers in Natick, MA, this usually means using more than a single truck or requesting specific-type containers to move the entire load at once.

You should sort through your things, identify those that are no longer needed, and get rid of them—the act of decluttering. Hoarder or not, this part is hard. But you have to convince yourself that these items or things in your home are more nuisances than useful materials.

To make it easier for you to let go of some of these properties, you could start a yard sale instead of throwing them in the trash. It will help you make some extra cash that could reduce the total cost you have to pay pro movers through those unusable properties.

Here are a few things you can let go of:

  • Old books
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Kitchen stuff (Cookware, dishes)
  • Home tools
  • Old furniture

If you have plenty of books in your home and prefer not to sell them, you can ship them separately for less. The U.S. Postal Service offers Media Mail shipping as a cost-effective means to transport books of 70+ pounds for less than $50.

Go Easy on the Boxes and Buying

It's just boxes—a few more of them wouldn't hurt, says the person who has never planned a relocation.

With Massachusetts as the case study, life here is already priced up, and you need to be intentional about your expenses while moving here on a budget. Any moving company Natick, MA has will advise their clients to try and find free boxes rather than buy them.

While packing boxes on their own doesn't cost much, buying a lot of them raises the prices to the point where it often becomes a thing of worry. Having just enough boxes can make organizing much easier, but if you're on a budget, you might want to reduce the number you get.

Just as anyone would want to protect their properties from moving damages, you can also cut down on the amount of bubble wrap and protective coverings you buy. For instance, you might want to consider renting these from stores near you or reusing the ones you had from previous moves or purchases.

In another light, you could even get boxes, wraps, and other protective coverings for free. Ask friends, family, and neighbors who have recently moved for theirs; it will save you the hassle of purchasing or even renting.

Image Source: Canva

Timing is Everything

You might not want to hear this, but moving when it might be least convenient usually pans out to be the cheapest time for a relocation.

The average individual or family relocating would love to move on a sunny day with clear skies and cool weather, which is what summer tends to bring. However, have you ever considered that a move during the cold winter days could also be possible and a whole lot cheaper?

Every pro mover knows the summer months to be the busiest seasons, and their prices tend to hit the roof due to increased demands. When you opt for the cold months or the unconventional times of the year to move, there's usually less demand, making it the perfect time for a good deal.

Even days during the week tend to matter during a move. Relocating any time from Friday through to Monday would attract more costs, and because of increased demands, you might want to stick to weekdays.

Usually, in places like Massachusetts, Natick movers' prices tend to slash during discount seasons, and you might want to plan a move within such periods. It's all about snatching the perfect Natick movers rates when relocating to a place like Massachusetts.

Negotiate A Good Deal with Your Movers

Always have this trick in mind when hiring any moving company: speak to at least three different movers!

As much as you're trying to save costs to fit your moving budget, you need to be careful. Don't always go for the cheapest mover; it never pans out well in the end.

Instead, your focus should be on the value of their service and how the prices can also tally with your pocket. Experts suggest you negotiate with moving companies in any of these ways.

A guaranteed quote price: this is a fixed pay rate before the move begins. Whether the load capacity or distance changes, the price remains the same.

A non-binding quote: it gives an estimate of what the final price might look like, depending on the price load capacity and distance.

A guaranteed price deduction: let's say your "agreed" rate was $2,500 for a move, and upon arrival at the house, the load capacity and distance aren't as expected, which automatically means the final fee must drop.

Whichever way you decide to go about your negotiation, always remember to avoid jumping on the cheapest train quickly when it's not a discount.

Moving Insurance is Important

It sounds almost counterintuitive to the idea of trying to save money, but it has benefits.

Let's look at an instance: while moving between the Northeastern states of the country, your $500 flat-screen TV gets damaged. That's a whole lot of fixing expenses you'll have to plan for.

But when you already have good insurance in place, it will cover a percentage or even the total amount of repair for damaged properties. The downside to spending a couple hundred dollars on property insurance is that when there's no damage, it feels like wasted cash.

The truth remains that whichever way you look at it, it is generally a money-saving method. Of course, professional household items and furniture movers Natick, MA, offers will always handle your belongings with care, but you also have to take protective steps.

If you are unsure of insurance in a bid to cut costs, you can opt for a basic one rather than a full-value replacement coverage that's a lot more pricey. But you should know that with basic insurance, should damages worth $500 or more occur, you might only get a tiny percentage as compensation.

Key Takeaway—Natick Movers Saving Tips

Take this to heart: relocating tends to put a hole in the pocket!

It might not be deep, but it sure changes your bank balance after all the spending ends. Your job as someone moving to/from Massachusetts is to consider the tips that can make using Natick Movers cheaper.

The most important tips are to declutter as much as possible and to pick the perfect day of the week and time of the year. Any weekday or season other than summer is a sure time to expect moving fees that are less heavy on the bank.

Good luck!

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