5 Simple Tiny House Storage Solutions

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May 8, 2024
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Less is more when it comes beautiful, efficient homes. Though, it’s no secret that one sacrifice you will have to make with your tiny home is space. So efficient tiny house storage solutions are a must!

While you may have become a master at making the most of your space, there are plenty of things just won’t be able to fit. And that’s fine!

You knew that going into your tiny house adventure that there wouldn’t be room for the big screen TV, pool table or dining room table that can host the entire family at Thanksgiving.

Some people think that owning a tiny house means you won’t have any use for storage. Your home will have to maximize its space for only the most essential things, like your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

That’s not always the case, though, as there are plenty of great and easy storage ideas for your tiny house. So while you may not have the big screen TV, you can still store plenty of items without sacrificing your comfort, budget, or essential needs.

Your tiny home should be curated around what you most need, but also what you most love, even a shoe collection.

Enjoy this tour of Michelle's THOW, based on our 24' hOMe plans.

5 Simple Tiny House Storage Solutions

1) Look for Furniture with Built-in Storage

Sofas and ottomans today often have storage built into them. These make great places to store games, throw blankets, or even shoes.

In the above video, Michelle stored some of her shoe collection in her cute and cozy ottomans.

Some Murphy beds also have additional storage and usable space built into them, like a fold-up desk area. Another great option is a bed with drawers built-in underneath, easy to use storage.

2) Lift Up Your Bed

An excellent DIY solution is to create a platform for your bed, that can be easily raised with gas pistons allowing you to access storage compartments underneath.

Alan's tiny home provides a great example of this multifunctional, DIY bed solution. Also, many tutorials are available on YouTube.

3) Go Vertical

Floor space in a tiny house is limited, prime real estate. So look for open or wasted space near the ceiling. Consider adding floating shelves, or taking modular parts cabinets to the ceiling in a small section.

The Tiny Project tiny house plans

Have you considered hanging things from ceilings? This can easily be done in the kitchen by hanging pots and pans.

Just like kitchens in regular-sized homes, there is bound to be space above your cabinets if they’re not all the way up to the ceiling. There is a great place to store food-stuffs or extra items that may not have their own place.

You may have to get creative when it comes to accessing these items, but making use of your vertical space is a way to keep clutter out of your way and easily organized.

It's also a great way to display decorative items or add a little greenery with houseplants.

Of course, going vertical for your bedroom is the perfect way to keep maximize your living space.

hOMe tiny house
28' hOME tiny house plans

While ladders take up very little space and can be easily tucked out of the way, they're not everyone's cup of tea. For more sturdy loft access, with a multitude of storage options, opt for stairs.

4) Under the Stairs Storage

Most traditional homeowners do not realize the potential under the stairs in terms of storage. The best thing about tiny house stairs, the options are almost limitless in terms of how best you can best utilize this space for your personal storage needs. You can even turn them into chemical storage cabinets. It all depends on your needs.

Byron tiny house plans

These may range from using it as a closet, bookcase to a pet house, or even a kitchen pantry. The best part: you don't just have to choose one function.

5) Use Your Corners

You might look at corners as kind of dead space, but you can easily put shelves that will cover both corners, giving you more space and places to put your items.

There are also plenty of baskets and furniture that will neatly slide into corners, meaning you can take advantage of the ends of your perfect tiny house.

Inside the Tiny House Expedition home, a corner was expertly used to create an efficient shoe rack.

This design and other small space furniture plans coming to our site soon!

For more tiny house storage solutions and design ideas, browse our plans.

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