Spacious Tiny Homes Built for Romance and Passionate Living

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August 24, 2023
simBLISSity blue shapphire great room|tiny-houses-for-romance

Good tiny house design isn't about sacrifice. It's about enhancing your life.

Dot and Byron Fears design and build tiny houses that prioritize sustainability and romance. They are the founders of SimBLISSity Tiny Homes and contributing designers.As they see it, there’s no reason why a tiny home should feel uncomfortable or encumber the owner’s passions, hobbies, or love life.

All of their designs balance beauty and livability. For instance, their tiny houses always prioritize ample storage space for full-time living while maintaining an open floor plan.

An excellent example of this is their 24′ Sapphire Tiny House, a custom build based on their incredibly popular Aspen design.

The Aspen tiny house plans feature the SimBLISSity signature spacious loft, as well as, open living area. Believe it or not, there’s enough room for yoga! Additionally, the big, cushy L-shaped sofa makes for a comfy lounging with plenty of room for cuddling.

"The original SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny Home was designed in 2014.  After extensive research into tiny house designs, we wanted to create a home that was suitable for 4 season living, and provided for features we felt were often lacking:  a spacious, comfortable lounging area, sufficient storage for the realistic needs of necessities as well as the items that enrich our lives whether that be books, 20 pairs of shoes and boots, seasonal clothing and gear, a bright kitchen with enough room for gourmet needs and room to joyfully prepare food with your partner or friends.
SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny House
Other must-have features were abundant natural light and ventilation, a loft with 4’ sloping to 38”of headroom (which doesn’t require one to crawl around), and easy stair access that doubles with storage space.The SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny House has seen some tweaks over the years to provide even greater functionality and is our most popular design."

-Dot & Byron Fears

You can find out all the details about the Aspen plans HERE.

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