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June 8, 2023
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By Stephanie McQueen of www.TinyHouseCommunity.com

Some tiny house communities are truly stunning; one overlooks a beautiful blue lake while another has a babbling brook and a view of white-capped mountains off in the distance. Many even boast beautiful gardens that supply residents with fresh vegetables and plenty of leftovers to share with local shelters. Tiny house communities, sometimes called tiny house villages, are made up of tiny houses on foundations or wheels (or sometimes both). Communities come in many sizes and styles. Some are waterfront, others are tucked away in a forest, while others may be right under your nose. You may not realize how many tiny house communities your state has! No matter the location, each community serves as a tiny house haven; a “tiny” piece of heaven, you might say.

What About Tiny House Communities?

Communities offer many different options when it comes to living tiny. Some offer land or lots to buy or rent and while some provide vacation rentals. The length of stay can vary; you may want to stay for a few nights if traveling through or plan on staying a few months for the season. You may even want to stay forever! Most communities are intentional, meaning that from the start, they are designed with a high focus on social cohesion and teamwork. Members of an intentional community often have a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision. Or in this case, living tiny!

Homeowner’s Association Fees

Many tiny house communities have Homeowner’s Association (HOA) fees. HOA fees are established to cover the costs of maintenance on shared structures such as clubhouses, a swimming pool, community gardens, general landscaping, parking garages, security gates, food for farm animals, etc. Fees are typically applied equally to all residents in a community. The fees may vary greatly from one community to the next and dues may be  charged monthly or annually. Always check what these charges are ahead of time with a prospective community.

Common Amenities Amongst Communities

Community gardens are quite common in tiny house communities. These gardens are usually maintained by all residents and the produce dispersed to each household. Many communities also have farm animals such as chickens, goats, and/or cows. Communities in warmer states such as Florida, California, Texas, etc. may come with additional amenities such as a pool or fitness room. Many will also offer laundry facilities, so you won’t have to worry about driving to a laundromat in the middle of the night when you forget to wash clothes for work (because you were too busy gardening and sleeping in a hammock)! There are many more amenities a community can have; the list is endless! Always ask about the different amenities to find the right type of community to suit your lifestyle.

Community Alternatives

Although tiny house communities may be the best choice for many tiny house folks, living on a private lot may be more appealing to those who need to be close to work, family, etc. In terms of finding a place to park, there are many who are willing to rent their back yard or unused land for tiny houses. Some may offer hookups for utilities, while others may be secluded and require solar powered, off-grid houses. Most will offer water, but always be sure to check!

Benefits of a Community

The biggest benefit of living in a tiny house community is in regards to laws and zoning regulations. If your county doesn’t allow tiny houses on privately owned land, you may want to find a community that has already gone through the process of getting permission. A community makes parking hassle-free! Living tiny also has its own benefits, such as a smaller place to take care of. You have more time to explore the world around you (or the world in a book!) when you spend less time cleaning and doing chores. Doesn’t that sound great? This is a reality many have already found by going tiny.

In Closing

If you’re ready to live tiny and want to live with other like-minded folks, a tiny house community may be your best choice. Living in an intentional community gives you the extra freedoms you can’t find living anywhere else. The tiny spirit is generally outlined with financial freedom, self-sustainability, a smaller footprint, and many other attributes. These visions become reality when communities work together towards a single-minded goal of harmony and sustainability. Are you ready to live tiny in a tiny house community? You can find a handy map with some current tiny house communities by visiting www.MyTinyHouseParking.com.


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