Simple Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

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March 26, 2024
simple tiny house interior

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You can add charm to your tiny house by embracing simple interior design ideas. Go Boho with lively colors and quirky decor or opt for a Coastal theme using light palettes and natural materials. A Modern style could work with its minimalistic approach and built-in storage solutions.

1. Embrace boho for a unique, cozy space with lively colors and unconventional decor.

2. Opt for coastal style with light palettes and natural materials for a serene vibe.

3. Modern style offers minimalism with built-in storage for a sleek, spacious feel.

4. Feminine style uses soft colors and plush fabrics for elegance in small spaces.

5. Cozy style focuses on warmth with comfortable seating and soft lighting.

A modern style could work with its minimalistic approach and built-in storage solutions. If you prefer softer aesthetics, the Feminine style with its delicate patterns and plush fabrics may suit you. A cozy style is ideal for a warm and inviting atmosphere, or even a Farmhouse style with its blend of practicality and rustic charm. 

Remember, the key to an effective tiny house interior design lies in functional creativity - stick around and you'll discover a world of imaginative compact living solutions.

Boho Style

Diving into the boho style, you'll find that it welcomes creativity and non-traditional living elements to craft a unique and cozy tiny house interior. This style is all about expressing your individuality and embracing an unconventional lifestyle. It's less about strict rules and more about layers, textures, and artistic flair.

Your tiny home becomes a canvas for your personal artistry. A mix of lively colors, offbeat and antique furnishings, layered fabrics, and a variety of art pieces are all part of the boho charm. You're encouraged to display your travel souvenirs, vintage finds, and handcrafted items proudly around your tiny home.

Loft beds are a staple in boho tiny houses, offering both space efficiency and a playful touch. There's also a strong connection to nature, so don't forget to incorporate plants into your design. They add a invigorating splash of color and improve air quality.

Here are more minimalist boho bedroom decor ideas!

Coastal Style

When you're dreaming of a beach getaway, the coastal style is a perfect choice for designing your tiny home interior. This design approach mirrors the tranquility of the seaside, infusing your space with its calming charm. Light color palettes, often featuring whites and pastels, serve as the backdrop, punctuated by lively accents that echo the hues of the sea.

Furnishings in the coastal style lean towards simplicity and comfort. Opt for relaxed, casual pieces that evoke images of driftwood and sand-worn textures. The use of natural materials such as rattan, wicker, or weathered wood can bring in a touch of rustic charm, enhancing the beachy vibe.

Incorporate nautical elements subtly to avoid making your tiny home look like a novelty beach hut. Think along the lines of striped fabrics, seashells, or maritime-inspired artwork. Let plenty of natural light in to create an airy atmosphere, reminiscent of wide-open beachscapes.

Modern Style

If you're after a clean, uncluttered look for your tiny home, the modern style is your best bet. This style is all about minimalism, sleek lines, and open spaces. The emphasis on simplicity doesn't mean your tiny home will be stark or boring. Instead, it's a chance to showcase a few carefully chosen pieces and let them shine.

In a modern style tiny home, natural light becomes a key design element. Large windows, skylights, and glass doors help to illuminate the space, making it feel larger and more open. A neutral color palette is another characteristic, often featuring shades of white, black, and gray, punctuated by pops of bold color.

When furnishing, opt for pieces with sleek lines and little ornamentation. Built-in storage solutions are a must in a modern style tiny home, as they maintain the uncluttered aesthetic. Floating shelves, hidden cabinets, and smartly placed hooks can keep your belongings organized without adding clutter.

Feminine Style

For those seeking a touch of elegance and softness in their tiny house interior, a Feminine Style can beautifully accommodate these preferences. This design approach welcomes soft colors, delicate patterns, and plush fabrics to create a warm and inviting ambiance. You'll typically find a palette of pastels, whites, and creams, paired with accents in gold or rose gold.

One of the hallmarks of a feminine style interior is the abundance of textures. You'll find this in the form of fluffy rugs, velvet cushions, and lace curtains. Even small details like a fluffy throw blanket or a velvet cushion add a touch of softness that's inherently feminine.

Don't shy away from incorporating floral patterns or botanical prints, they can add a fresh, natural element to the space. Be it in the form of wallpaper, upholstery, or simple wall art, it's a great way to add a hint of femininity.

Cozy Style

Image Source: Canva

Creating a cozy Style in your tiny house involves key elements like warm colors, comfortable seating, and soft lighting to cultivate a snug and inviting atmosphere. It's all about making your limited space feel like a warm hug every time you step in. Consider layering textures and patterns to add depth and interest. Think fluffy rugs, oversized cushions, and knitted throws.

Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone, which not only bring a touch of nature indoors but also contribute to the homely vibe. A well-placed bookshelf filled with your favorite reads or a corner dedicated to a cozy nook can instantly make your space feel welcoming and personal.

When it comes to color, opt for warm, soothing hues like soft browns, muted oranges, or rich yellows. These colors naturally create a sense of comfort and coziness. Pair them with plush fabrics and soft furnishings to enrich the cozy ambiance.

Lastly, don't forget about the power of lighting. Soft, warm light from table lamps or fairy lights can envelop your space in a comforting glow. Remember, the goal is to create a place where you can relax, unwind, and feel completely at home, no matter how small it may be.

Chic Style

Shifting away from the cozy atmosphere, let's delve into the sophisticated style, a popular choice for many tiny house owners who appreciate a touch of refinement in their compact living spaces. Sophisticated style embodies elegance and grace, while still preserving the allure and coziness of a tiny home. Envision simple décor, clean lines, and a refined color palette.

Now, how can you integrate sophisticated style into your tiny home? Begin with a neutral color scheme. Consider tones of ivory, taupe, and charcoal. These hues establish a crisp, airy ambiance while adding a hint of refinement.

Next, incorporate premium materials. You're not just seeking sturdiness, but also aiming for that exquisite, polished appearance. Opt for granite countertops, solid wood floors, or copper fixtures.

Regarding furnishings, select pieces that are both practical and fashionable. Bear in mind, less is more in a tiny home. A sleek, contemporary couch or a transparent coffee table can introduce a sophisticated touch without overcrowding your space.

To enhance your space from simple to sophisticated, add some luxurious accents. A chic lamp, a plush carpet, or a piece of modern art can elevate your space. Remember, sophisticated style is all about equilibrium, simplicity, and grace.

Rustic Style

Diving into the rustic style, you'll find it's all about embracing the charm and natural textures often found in traditional, old-world homes. It's perfect for tiny houses, as it adds a cozy, cabin-like feel. Think of distressed wooden surfaces, exposed beams, and stone accents. These elements create a warm and comfortable atmosphere that's perfect for your tiny home.

Your color palette should be earthy and neutral, with tones like browns, grays, and greens. This will further emphasize the connection to nature that's so intrinsic to rustic design. Don't be afraid to mix different textures and materials. Leather, wood, and metal can all work together to create an eclectic yet harmonious look.

Furniture should be sturdy and functional, often featuring robust wooden pieces. But you don't have to sacrifice comfort. Plush cushions and warm throw blankets can soften the ruggedness of rustic furniture.

Lastly, remember to incorporate nature wherever you can. This could be through a beautiful view outside your window, potted plants inside, or even nature-inspired artwork. Following these guidelines, you'll create a rustic tiny house interior that's not only stylish but also a perfect cozy retreat.

Farmhouse Style

In regards to the farmhouse style in tiny house interiors, one can't help but think of charming, rustic details, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Imagine sliding barn doors that save precious space or light-colored wood that creates a sense of spaciousness. It's about creating a cozy, welcoming ambiance in a compact area.

You could consider ample shelving to effectively utilize your wall space. This not only serves a practical storage purpose but also adds a decorative element. Flexible layout options are key in a tiny house, and the farmhouse style is adaptable to your needs.

Consider incorporating vintage fixtures for that old-world charm. Soft, neutral color palettes are a trademark of this style, making your tiny house feel brighter and bigger.

Don't forget about the small details. Rustic hardware, antique decor, and natural textiles can greatly enrich the farmhouse vibe. Ultimately, remember it's all about simplicity and comfort. You want your tiny house to feel like a home, not just a space.

In essence, a farmhouse-style tiny house is all about combining functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating a home that is as inviting as it is practical. This style is perfect for those who love a traditional yet relaxed atmosphere.


Embracing minimalism doesn't mean lacking style. With our tiny house interior design guide, you've discovered how to maximize your space while showcasing your personal taste. From boho and coastal vibes to modern and rustic aesthetics, every style can find a home in your tiny house.

Remember, clever storage, light colors, and DIY projects are your friends. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and start creating your dream tiny house interior. Happy designing!

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