Model One: STUNNING Container Tiny House Plans Added to our Line Up!

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June 8, 2023
Model One tiny house bedroom
Erick Haglund tiny house

Erick Haglund, the creator of the stunning Model One container tiny house

World, please meet our newest tiny house crush: the Model One container tiny house plans by Modern Dwellings, Inc! Seriously, when we heard from the designer Erick Haglund and his team about working together with, our hearts skipped a beat. So we are thrilled to announce that the full set of architectural plans for this beautiful container home are now available, exclusively here on our site.

The Model One is a gem and every single inch has been designed with intention and purpose. The modern and clean lines of this container tiny house are perfectly balanced with the organic richness of wood accents in the interior. Complete with a full bathroom, efficient kitchen, and fabulous sleeping area which converts to a living area, the Model One is perfect not only for those wanting a profitable AirBnB style rental, but also for those wanting a tiny house as a full time residence.

Model One container tiny house plans

The Model One murphy bed opens up the bedroom into a spacious living area.

One of the great appeals of this container home is that it's designed to be pretty much indestructible; fire, wind, earthquakes and other natural disasters would struggle to harm the Model One. The other piece, which is a huge bonus, is that the construction process can be greatly sped up when compared to a stick-framed tiny house; buy the container and you have your foundation, walls, and roof already built for you! Container homes make an excellent alternative for those feeling intimated about building a tiny house from trailer-up and/or for those in a time crunch.

Model One container tiny house plans

The Model One's fantastic kitchen

The Model One container tiny house plans can easily be converted to accommodate a roof top terrace which is large enough for entertaining your friends on a beautiful warm evening. Up top you could place a nice dining table, umbrella, or seating area. This conversion would pretty easily double your living space.

The dimensions of the Model One tiny house are 23’10” x 8′ x 8’6″ for a total of 192 SF. The weight is about 12,000 pounds. It's designed with tall people in mind and is also appropriate for very cold climates.

Perhaps the best part of the Model One container tiny home is that it can be built as a DIY project for about $20,000!

Model One container tiny house plans

The Model One exterior with conversion for roof top terrace addition

The Model One container tiny house plans come complete with:

  • Demolition and welding plans included.
  • Architectural floor plans.
  • Roof/deck/stairs plans.
  • Interior elevations.
  • Structural plans and details.
  • Electrical plan and details.
  • Mechanical plans and details.
  • Includes door and window schedules.

If we needed another tiny home at our hOMe homestead, we would choose the Model One container tiny house plans for all the reasons stated above. It is stunning visually, super well designed, quite easy to build when compared to a conventional stick-framed tiny house, and affordable when compared to alternatives.

You can read all about the Model One container tiny house by clicking HERE.

So, how about you? Would you build the Model One to be used as an AirBnB or as your primary residence? Have you ever stayed in a container home before and if so what was your experience? Share your stories with us, we would love to hear them! :)


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