Give Back 100: Tiny House Program to Support Habitat for Humanity with a Tiny Community in the Works

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June 8, 2023
Sol Haus Tiny House Plans 2|50%off (3)

The tiny house movement makes a positive impact in many ways. So happy to announce another such effort. We are collaborating with our friends at Sol Haus Design on the Give Back 100 program.

It's is all about fostering sustainable communities and positive social impact in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Through this initiative, $100 from every sale of Sol Haus Design's Light Haus and Sol Haus plans is donated directly to Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County to help provide critical housing resources to community members in need. As a special thank you for helping us launch this heartwarming initiative, receive 30% off these plans through January 31st.

Live Tiny, Do Good: Give Back 100 Initiative by Sol Haus Design & Tiny House Plans

Sol Haus Design, an Ojai-based boutique design firm that promotes affordable small spaces as a vehicle for sustainable living. It is led by our dear friend, Vina Lustado. She is one of our first contributing designers.

By creating simple, beautiful spaces, we’re designing for a life of less consumption, less production, and more freedom – even for modest means.

By reducing the size of our ecological footprint and sourcing locally, we can eliminate a lot of the costs and waste that are normally part of building a new home. Living within one’s means is a win/win for homeowners and the environment.

-Vina Lustado, tiny house dweller &  founder of Sol Haus Design

Sol Haus Tiny House

Vina Lustado

Vina invited us to participate in the Give Back 100 initiative to support Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County.They are doing big things in their local community.Although still in its initial stages and not yet approved, Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County is hard at work ona tiny home community in Oxnard, California.Proponents are hopeful that this project will move forward and obtain the necessary permits. This inspiring project can potentially serve as a pilot project for other cities to follow.The proposed community cluster development will consist of small housing units (tiny homes) and a common house with shared facilities. This impactful project could serve as a pilot project for other cities to follow.Looking for tiny house plans to build your dream home? Check out the Sol Haus Design's Light Haus and Sol Haus plans. Save 30% OFF until 1/31!

Remember, $100 from each sale goes to support Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County.


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