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The Sol Haus tiny house is a classic beauty, full of light, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability. Designed by Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design, this timeless tiny house is a perfect long term home for a single person or couple. It boasts a comfortable 140sf of living space and is built atop a 8′ 6″ x 20’ 0″ trailer chassis. It has served as Vina’s home for many years now.
The Sol Haus tiny house is designed for off-grid capabilities; solar panels and passive heating/ cooling techniques have already been incorporated into the design. The interior includes non-toxic, healthy finishes as well and thus makes this a perfect home for those that desire a life with minimal impact on the planet. The Sol Haus would make a beautiful primary residence, ADU on a small city lot, and/or an AirBnB style rental.

Notes From the Designer

The Sol Haus tiny house reflects my philosophy about simplicity, sustainability, and living within my means. The design has 140 sf of living space (placed on an 8’ 6″ x 20’ 0″ trailer) and is wholly self-sufficient. It is equipped with luxuries such as a gas fireplace and operable skylights. The interior is bathed in natural light and feels spacious and serene. Lots of storage and comfortable, multi-purpose furniture provide functionality and livability.

Upon approaching the Sol Haus tiny house, the first thing you’ll notice is a large and functional deck with an awning (deck plans included with plans purchase). On warm days, this space doubles one’s living space and is large enough for a table and seating for four. As you walk into Sol Haus through the large, double patio doors, you’ll be welcomed by a comfortable sofa and seating area large enough for a gathering of your closest friends. The sofa boasts quite a lot of storage space within. The coffee table can be used as an ottoman and also as additional storage for books/games. Stepping to the right, you’ll see a large desk with built-in storage which serves as a great home-office. There is plenty of open wall space for your favorite art too if you’re a collector. Above the desk is a loft which can work double duty as a guest bed and storage space.

Turning towards the other end of the Sol Haus tiny house, you’ll immediately notice the beautiful Jotul fireplace. On cold winter nights, there is no better place to spend time than on the sofa, curled up with a favorite book, watching the flicker of the fireplace. The kitchen is a galley style, maximizing functionality and space. A large sink makes easy work out of doing dishes and a two burner propane cooktop is perfectly sized for a couple living together. There is ample cabinet storage space for all your kitchen accoutrements and a nice sized refrigerator stores your perishables.

The main sleeping loft is as cozy as can be. Comfortably sleeping two on a queen sized bed, a skylight and round window allow morning sun to naturally wake you as the day rings anew. Loft access is by ladder, which means very little floor space is sacrificed. The bathroom has a shower, sink, and composting toilet and is large enough for full time use by one or two people. This design has been built by several others and has served as the happy home for couples and singles across the country and around the world. The design is easily adaptable for colder climates, such as in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Basic Information


Sol Haus Design
Vina Lustado

Name of Plan

Sol Haus

Number of bedrooms / sleeping areas


Square Footage

140 sf (plus 80sf of lofts)

Finish Dimensions

8’ 6” x 23’ 0” x 13′ 6″


>10,000 pounds


DIY: $35,000
Turnkey: $75,000+

  • Car Hauler Trailer (bed in between wheel wells)
  • Primary Bedroom Location: Loft
  • Additional Loft Details: Storage, Ladder, Ships Ladder, Alternating Tread Device Access
  • Sleeps 2 people
  • Dining Area (portable table)
  • Home Office
  • Apartment Size Appliances
  • Pantry
  • Shower
  • Undersized Lavatory
  • Linen Storage
  • Composting Toilet
  • Roof Style: Gable Roof and Skylight
  • Insulation: Natural Insulation (cotton, wool, Roxul, etc.)
  • Heat Source: Gas Fireplace
  • Exterior Door: Long Side Location, French Door
  • Water Heater: On-Demand
  • Low VOCs
  • Solar Ready (battery storage space, etc.)
  • Natural Building Materials

Video Tour

Floor Plan

No items found.

What's Included with this plan set?

  • Construction Plans for Main Level & Loft Level, fully dimensioned
  • Furniture Plan with custom desk and sofa-bed/storage
  • Material list + Cost Breakdown
  • Millwork Plan with built-in cabinetry and storage
  • Electrical/Mechanical Plan with equipment, wiring diagrams, lighting, switches
  • Deck Plan with awning, fully dimensioned
  • Exterior Elevations (all 4 sides) showing windows & doors & material specifications for siding and roof
  • Building Sections showing interior elevations with critical heights
  • Cross Section Detail showing rainscreen, insulation, roof, trailer
  • Roof Detail showing framing for round window and roof with 40 degree slope
  • Framing Plans for the trailer/foundation, floor, loft, roof
  • Wall Framing Elevations for all exterior sides

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