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The Aspen 24'

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The Aspen 24'

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192 SF (8′ x 24′)
Up to 2
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The Details

The SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny House model was designed by Dot and Byron Fears to provide comfort, spaciousness, abundant storage for adventure gear or hobbies and all the things needed to fulfill the soul, large, functional kitchen for creative food preparation, and above all room for romance with the expansive L-shaped sofa, and dormered sleeping loft.
This cozy home is as close to a log cabin tiny house on wheels as you can find. It provides 290 sq ft of luxurious living for 1 or 2 people with ample room for socializing with friends.  The secondary loft includes 35 sq ft for storage, a reading nook, or guest sleeping.
The SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny House is ideal for 1-2 full time residents living in a cold climate, who love to cook, lounge, entertain and who are on the taller side. It’s also perfect for those wanting to build a tiny home that meets RV code standards for PacWest Certification. Is the Aspen the tiny home for you?

Notes From the Designer

The original SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny Home was designed in 2014.  After extensive research into tiny house designs, we wanted to create a home that was suitable for 4 season living, and provided for features we felt were often lacking:  a spacious, comfortable lounging area, sufficient storage for the realistic needs of necessities as well as the items that enrich our lives whether that be books, 20 pairs of shoes and boots, seasonal clothing and gear, a bright kitchen with enough room for gourmet needs and room to joyfully prepare food with your partner or friends.  Other must-have features were abundant natural light and ventilation, a loft with 4’ sloping to 38”of headroom (best provided for by a gabled, dormer roof which doesn’t require one to crawl around), and easy stair access that doubles with storage space.  The SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny House has seen some tweaks over the years to provide even greater functionality and is our most popular design.  We have built this many times over with customized features varying for each client.

Walk Through:

The 36” wide side entry, door provides room for a light-filled great room with built in L-shaped seating area with storage for bulky items below.  Above is a smaller loft with 2 large picture windows.  The cathedral ceiling gives the room an expansive and airy feel.  There is wall space for a large screen TV and extensive shelving if one window is eliminated.  A fold-down table below the aft window provides space for working or a romantic dinner.

As you proceed into the kitchen you’ll find 9’ of workspace including room for a 4-burner, free-standing range with oven, abundant counter space, and kitchen sink. If the ambiance of a propane fireplace is desired for heating, a corner model works beautifully at the great-room end of the counter.  The stairs include storage nooks and 2 large closets for pantry, storage, and even clothes hanging needs. There is room for a 24” refrigerator with 9 to 10 cu ft.

A pocket-door entry reveals the bathroom which has a 36” x 30” shower and room for your choice in toilets (composting or flushing).  Adjustments to plans can be made if a bathroom vanity or small sink is required.  The on-demand, propane water heater can be accessed from inside the bathroom and is recessed into an insulated portion of the “2-bicycle garage” (thus keeping water pipes safe within the heated home).

Keeping the bathroom in close proximity to the kitchen affords for a simpler water/wasterwater line installation as well as minimizing the interference of exterior pipes with the trailer axles. This arrangement also allows for easier insulation of exterior lines, keeping drain water from freezing in cold climates.

The 10’ loft is large enough for a queen size bed with room to move around or a king size bed.  There is additional room for a closet, shelves, or bureau at either end of the loft.  Four operable windows allow for abundant natural light, excellent cross-ventilation, and egress exit.  Plans can be altered for a 12’ loft, notched out for the stairs.

The loft floor is elevated to 6’7” to allow for increased headroom; there is more than enough room to sit up in your bed even with a 14” mattress without hitting your head.  At the same time the kitchen and bathroom under the loft do not feel closed-in or cramped even for clients who are 6’3”.  Of course taller people can alter the plans to provide for their added height.


  • The SimBLISSity 24’ Aspen Tiny House is designed to provide comfort with 290 square feet of deluxe living, 192 sq. ft. on the main floor, 83 sq. ft. sleeping loft, and 35 sq. ft. storage loft.
  • The large, bright, comfortable living room has high a cathedral ceiling and a cushy, romantic built-in sofa, with storage below. (No reason to be uncomfortable in a tiny!)
  • For the gourmet chef there is 9′ of usable kitchen counter space, your choice of ranges or cook tops, space for a large, apartment-size refrigerator, a large pantry and lots of cabinet space.  Optional dual fuel (110 & Liquid Propane-LP) refrigerator can be installed.
  • The bathroom can be customized to have a bathtub and shower, a shower only, a vanity and sink, as well as a quality self-composting toilet (a flushing toilet can be installed instead).
  • Hot water is provided by an on demand, propane water heater.
  • The spacious, bright sleeping loft is 8 X 10′ and provides 48″ of head room at the ridge beam and over 38” on the sides.  This is one of the largest lofts of any tiny being built.  The loft can be extended to an 8 X 12’ with minor conversions.
  • A stairway lead to the sleeping loft (no ladders here!) Storage nooks are built into the stairway.
  • Next to the stairs is a double closet to accommodate your clothing or storage needs.
  • We recommend that interior walls be sprayed with closed-cell, antimicrobial foam for the ultimate in insulation, with a minimum of a 24 R factor. The high-altitude formula should be used if building at altitude as this insures 98% closed cells, guaranteed no off-gassing for 99 years.
  • A variety of heating options may be used. A mini-split provides heating and air conditioning, a thermostatically controlled propane fireplace for a romantic atmosphere, or a variety of other heating devices.
  • SimBLISSity’s “Two Bicycle Garages” can be built on the rear of your Aspec tiny house. These provide room for storage of up to two bicycles, or skis, snowboards, backpacks, snow shoes and all the gear and “toys” that nurture your Body, Mind and Soul.

Basic Information


Dot and Byron Fears

Name of Plan

The Aspen 24′

Number of bedrooms / sleeping areas


Square Footage

192 sf Main Floor

83 sf Bedroom Loft

35 sf Front Loft

16 sf External Storage “Garage”

Finish Dimensions

8′ x 24′




DIY: $35,000-39,000

Turn-Key: $65,000

Feature Highlights

  • Bumper Pull Car Hauler Trailer (bed in between wheel wells)
  • Primary Bedroom Location: Loft with Stair Access
  • Sleeps 2 people
  • Dining Area with removable Dining Table
  • Washer/Dryer (optional)
  • Full Size Appliances
  • Pantry
  • Double Sink
  • Dishwasher: Optional
  • Microwave: Optional
  • Shower
  • Bathtub: Optional
  • Composting or Flush Toilet
  • Roof Style: Gable
  • Insulation: Spray Foam (but one can choose any material)
  • Heat Source: Minisplit and Gas Fireplace
  • Air Conditioning: Minisplit
  • Exterior Door: Side Entry
  • Water Heater: On-Demand or Tanked
  • RV Code Compliant for PacWest Certification

What's Included with this plan set?

  • Free .5 hour phone consultation with Byron Fears
  • Plans in BOTH Imperial & Metric Units
  • Precise and Detailed Framing Plan
  • 3D Exterior and Framing views
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Detailed Floor Plan
  • Window and Door Schedule
  • Stairs and Shelving Details
  • Electrical Layout
  • Trailer Specs
  • Numerous Pictures/Suggestions for Exterior and Interior Finishes

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