Brian Levy

Seeking to bring value + joy to small spaces through efficient + stunning designs.

About This Designer

Brian Levy, the designer of the Minim House, spent his teenage years in a suburban 5,500 sq ft Houston McMansion and always thought there was a better way. He worked with with Foundry Architects to design the Minim House in 2012, founded Minim Homes, and has been living tinily ever after.


The team at Minim Homes seeks to bring value + joy to small spaces through efficient + stunning design. We think small is big, created Intel’s Smart Tiny Home, designed a modern mobile office (the Minim Workspace) and spread the micro housing gospel through tours, lobbying and online resources at the non-profit Micro Showcase in Washington DC. You can find Brian and the Minim team at the website

In describing the Minim, Brian shares: The philosophy behind the Minim is pretty simple: a contented life is largely independent from the size of one’s dwelling. We humans can and must live more sustainably, but not without style. Living in a small structure should never feel compromised- it should feel amazing.With these principles we sought to re-imagine what the micro house can be, adding livability, streamlining construction with SIPs, modernizing aesthetics, increasing off-grid versatility. It took time- 7 months to perfect the plans, 1 day for every square foot! But this time and 6+ years of full time life testing, the design is now fully refined.


Press and Media Coverage


Minim House American Institute of Architects Design Awards

AIA Washingtonian Design Award 2015

AIA Baltimore Excellence in Design Award 2014

AIA DC Merit Award 2013




Washington Post

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