Alek Lisefski

Designer/Developer by Day and Tiny House Advocate by Night

About This Designer

I’m a web designer/developer by day and tiny house advocate by night.

After a period of renting in the beautiful but expensive states of California and Colorado, I realized I had essentially thrown away about $80,000 in 8 years! With that money I could have been well on my way to owning a home, but at the time I didn’t know where I wanted to live and did not want a traditional large mortgage to make home ownership possible. I didn’t believe in the typical home buying concept or the typically-large homes themselves, nor did I want to live in debt to a bank for most of my life.

In the 2000’s I became increasingly interested in many areas of sustainable living, such as permaculture, alternative energy, earth-based building techniques, minimalism, community living, etc. These fields make clear the need for housing that is human-sized, with reasonable costs and minimal use of resources and environmental impact.

Based on research into the above topics, in 2013 I designed and built an 8×20′ modern tiny house one wheels known as “The Tiny Project.”

In the years since, me and the Tiny Project tiny house have been featured in American, Swiss & Japanese documentary films, Sunset Magazine, Houzz, Apartment Therapy, Treehugger, Grist, Inhabit, FairCompanies, the Tiny House Blog, and countless other national and international publications, news articles and blogs.

With the knowledge and experience I gained throughout every aspect of the design and build process (including long-distance towing and finding legal parking, etc) I have since presented at the Tiny House Conference and the Tiny House Jamboree, and co-presented several tiny house workshops as part of the Tiny House Collaborative.

I believe a tiny house goes far beyond its 4 walls and a roof, and is only part of a conscious personal choice to live in a more simple and sustainable way. I hope my house and continued tiny house outreach helps to catalyze a mass lifestyle shift in which more and more humans turn to common sense, human-scale housing solutions, and a psychological (or even spiritual) shift towards less consumption and achievement-chasing to more gratitude, freedom and peace.

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