Terraform One: New Super Efficient and Gorgeous Tiny

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June 8, 2023
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The Terraform One is designed with guests in mind

We are delighted to share that Richard Ward has joined the TinyHousePlans.com team with one of our favorite tiny houses yet: the Terraform One. This tiny house is super efficient, rated for extreme climates, tows beautifully, and offers loads of luxury perks not seen in other tiny house designs.

The kitchen in the Terraform One is one of the best we've seen with over 8’ of commercial style counter tops, a large fridge, two beer draft lines (!), and plenty of storage. It's truly set up for those who love to cook and entertain (Richard once had 23 people hanging out in the home during one of his parties!)

Additional features of the home are, a normal sized shower and bathroom. An additional storage/guest loft, a master bedroom accessed in three easy stair steps, couch, shelving, 110” projector screen that doubles as a privacy screen, 8 speaker surround sound, convertible couch/bed to act as a guest bedroom, room for 3 hanging bikes, and more. Seriously...who could ask for anything more??

The Terraform One plans are designed with the DIYer in mind and they're some of the most beautiful sets we've ever seen. They are very detailed and allow you to get creative in the interior if you have other plans for your own tiny house.

You can find out all the details about the Terraform One plans by clicking HERE.


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