Create An Outdoor Oasis: Tiny House Landscaping & Patio Ideas

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August 8, 2023
tiny house outdoor living space

Expand your cozy tiny house with outdoor living space!

There's no denying that tiny houses are in right now. The demand just keeps growing! With more than 10,000 now spread out across the U.S., more people are choosing to downsize. The popularity of tiny homes can be attributed to the appeal for sustainable living, financial freedom, mobility, low maintenance, simple living, among others.If you live in a tiny house and plan to park it on a semi-permanent spot, it's only right that you want to make it presentable, appealing, and homey.But while downsizing is excellent in theory, moving from a traditional home to such a tiny space can still be a challenge. One great way to ease the transition is to make the most of any outdoor space you do have.Keep reading for 11 tiny house landscaping and patio ideas that can help you do just that.

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1) Add an Outdoor Living Room

With space at a premium inside of your tiny house, taking full advantage of any outdoor space, you do have is essential.

One great way to maximize your space is to add a second living room—outside.

With outdoor couches, tables, chairs, and more, you create the perfect space for entertaining or just relaxing with more room to stretch out.Check out a patio furniture store to give yourself plenty of options for comfortable couches and oversized chairs great for lounging in. Add an outdoor rug and throw pillows to make your space cozy.Covering your space with an awning or pergola will help keep the sun and rain off of your new furniture so that you can use your space even when the weather isn't great.If you aren't lucky enough to live somewhere that's warm year-round, you can also add outdoor heaters to extend the season that you can enjoy your outdoor living room.Importantly, an outdoor living room is possible whether your tiny home is an ADU in a backyard or on your land. Many lots in tiny home communities could also accommodate a patio space. 

2) Expand Your Kitchen

Table Top Gas Grill

One of the hardest things to give up when you move into a tiny home is a big kitchen, especially for home chefs. Even if you do have some counter space, an oven, and a stove, the odds are that each of these is smaller than what you'd have in a standard house or apartment.

While it's totally workable, it could leave some wanting more options. Luckily, if you have a backyard or patio, you can easily expand your kitchen outdoors.

Adding a simple grill will make it easier to cook for friends and family or to cook things like fish that could stink up the inside of your home.Or, take your outdoor kitchen one step further and add a pizza oven! You can even add countertop space to make preparing large meals easier. 

3) Make Room for a Family Meal

Another luxury that many tiny homes simply don't have space for is a family dining table.While you might have room for yourself, your spouse, and maybe your kids to sit down together for a meal, if you've been clever with your space, there likely isn't room for visitors to join you.

But if you live somewhere that enjoys some fair weather (or your patio is covered), adding an outdoor table can solve this problem.

You can shop for outdoor tables in every shape and size to fit your space and your family so that you won't have to sacrifice holiday meals or family get-togethers in your new tiny home. 

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4) Shop for Small-Space Furniture

Don't have the luxury of a large outdoor space? You can still make the most of your tiny house patio.Folding loungers give you a way to relax and lay-out in the sun, but can be easily folded up and stowed away when not in use.

If you don't have room for a large dining table, you can purchase a folding table or one with removable leaves. That way, you can fold out or expand your table when you have visitors.

If you don't need space to entertain, a small cafe table and chairs are the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee, but won't take up much room on your deck. 

5) Build a Deck

Regardless of how you plan to use your outdoor space, adding a new deck that is level with your home is a great way to make the most of your yard.

Having a patio, you can easily walk right out onto makes it easy to carry meals to your outdoor tables. It also helps you utilize your yard even when the ground is wet or muddy.

If you have space, adding tiers to your deck at different heights is a great way to define your space. One level could be for your outdoor living room, complete with couches or chairs, while another could hold your outdoor kitchen or dining table.This will help make your outdoor space feel even more like an extension of your tiny home.

6) Create a Vertical Garden

Just because your tiny home's patio might be short on space doesn't mean that you have to give up having a garden.

Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden Wall Planter

With a simple wall or fence, you can easily create a vertical garden.

A quick online search will bring you many simple DIY plans for building wooden vertical planter boxes. If you aren't handy with tools and wood, you can also purchase hanging baskets or vertical planters that are easy to install and still allow plenty of space for your new garden.


Then, plant some vegetables, such as green beans, lettuce, peas, and any flowers that climb the wall.  Or add herbs that you can use to cook up tasty recipes or flowers to brighten up your small space.Also, hanging pots are another great landscaping idea for tiny homes and generally for people who don't know how to landscape and are just starting out. All you need to do is place hooks around the most convenient places around your tiny house, then hang growing planters in hanging pots on those hooks. Feel free to hang some in your home as well and plant some herbs or indoor plants.

7) Embrace Container Gardening

Containers are an excellent idea for tiny homes, and if you don't know how to landscape, this is a great place to start. There are plenty of plants that do well in containers, and one of the best things about them is that they're movable. A container garden can grow you enough food and herbs and some flowers to make your home more welcoming.

Going Place Tiny Cohousing Community in Portland

8) Go for a Layered Landscape

The Tack Family's tiny house backyard village

One of the easiest tiny house landscaping ideas for tiny homes is creating layered landscaping. By layered, we mean having groundcovers, ferns, followed by shrubs, trees, and tall overhead trees at the end. You can also use crevice plants or bulbs to maximize your space and create a beautiful yard.

Look into landscape edging should you want to further the appeal of how your tiny home looks. Edging will give you that final touch of "wow" that you won't be able to put your finger on.

9) Use Window Boxes

Given that you have a small exterior space, you may not know how to landscape, but window boxes can be your friend. They are an awesome way to add charm to your tiny house and have room to grow some beautiful flowers or veggies. You get an opportunity to add color to your home by planting different types of flowers, and if you have to travel, then you can still have some vegetables with you. 

A micro skoolie homestead in NM with artificial grass

10) Add Artificial Grass

If one of the primary reasons why you live in a tiny house is to avoid the major maintenance that comes with a home, then you can use artificial grass.This is an excellent idea if you don't intend to live in that location permanently because you'll just roll up the grass and take it with you. You get to enjoy the luxury that comes with a lush, evergreen lawn that you don't have to water or mow, and your home will look fantastic. 

11) An Outdoor Fireplace Makes a Great Gathering Space

Portable Fire Pit

Even if your tiny house has a tiny gas fireplace or even woodstove to go with it, nothing beats an outdoor firepit or fireplace as the perfect gathering spot on a warm summer evening.

No matter the size of your yard or patio, adding a fire pit or an outdoor gas fireplace is a simple way to create a unique, fun space you'll love to use.

If you don't have room for lots of outdoor furniture, simple stools or benches make great seats.A fire pit is the perfect feature if you love having friends or family over. A tiny house may not be the ideal place to host guests, but this is not to say you should never invite guests because your outdoor space can be.Having a patio fireplace or fire pit will not only give your outdoor space a high-end look but give you an entertainment spot as well. Just make sure to place your outdoor fire pit far enough away from your tiny home! 

DIY Tiny House Outdoor Oasis Made Easy!

Living in a tiny house does not mean you can't utilize the outdoors more space to stretch your legs or garden or grow vegetables. All you need is creativity and a good plan for the best results. Now that you armed with these tiny house landscaping and patio ideas, it's time to make your outdoor living space look fabulous.

Which tiny patio and landscaping ideas are right for you depends entirely on your space and how you plan to use it!

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