New SIPs Tiny House Plans Listed: METRO

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June 8, 2023
the metro tiny house exterior
metro tiny house

The METRO SIPs tiny house; super efficient, extremely fast to assemble, and very cost efficient.

We are delighted to share that Patrick Sughrue of Artisan Tiny House has joined our team at!

We have known Patrick and his wife for years and are honored to be able to offer their plans on the site.

Artisan Tiny House has been on the scene and providing safe and economical SIPs packages for the tiny house movement for many years now. They run a top notch company with excellent customer service and their SIPs tiny house plans for "METRO" are stellar. If you want a super fast tiny house build, nothing will go faster than a SIPs wall system!

Patrick brought METRO to one of our tiny house workshops in Portland, OR and we all had a chance to tour this super-efficient tiny home. It is truly beautiful and a work of art. The interior felt extremely spacious and having those SIPs wall panels make this a very well insulated building.

You can find out more about the SIPS tiny house plans for METRO HERE. Patrick can also help you with making sure you get a good SIPs package and that you create a top notch home for yourself. Remember that ALL of our plans can be found at 5% less than anywhere else on the money and feel secure that you're getting safe and tried & true plans!

Watch a video tour of METRO:


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