Advantages of a Bigger-sized Tiny House

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August 29, 2023
bigger sized tiny house

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Recently, tiny houses are becoming a dominant movement in the world. Various homeowners are now considering downsizing their houses to participate in an eco-friendlier lifestyle while simultaneously lowering the costs of living in their area. Choosing a tiny home becomes a more simple and functional choice that would benefit homeowners in the future which means that innovative home improvement ideas and techniques will be helpful for you in the future.

Owning a tiny house has major benefits but maximizing your tiny living lifestyle is a necessary to amplify the advantages of owning or living in a tiny home. A bigger-sized tiny house is a great way to compromise between minimalism and functionalism. Explore with us the advantages of choosing a tiny house with more room to maneuver.

Advantages of Choosing a Bigger-sized Tiny House

Aside from the obvious reason that there would be more space in choosing this option, there are several other benefits that can help you in the long-term. To help you decide if this is the next move for you, here are some benefits that come with having a larger tiny house.

More Space

The building of tiny houses is championed because of its compact size and functionality. However, more space can make a big difference for the occupants. Opting for a larger tiny house can provide you more space and breathing room for you and even your guests. The increased breathing room that a bigger tiny house can provide will contribute to giving your home a more sense of tranquility and comfort. Aside from this, having more space means you can have more room for furniture, fixtures, decor, or even for your visitors.

More Functional Areas

Having a larger tiny house means that you can have more enhanced functional zones that can be flexible, depending on your plans and strategies. One can enjoy a separate living room area, a comfy sleeping area, a dedicated workspace, and even add a kitchen that is more similar to traditional kitchens. With more space, planning and designing a distinct and functional zone is a perk that you will receive for opting for a bigger tiny house. This will allow you to maintain a more efficient living space, organized areas, and you would not be feeling constrained. Always keep in mind the importance of amenities in your home because a home lacking in functional design elements suffers from several detrimental effects and more functionality makes property more valuable.


Since the space that you have has become larger, you can now include various amenities in your house that would make you more comfortable. Other areas or zones of your tiny house would not be cramped, and it will give you a more tranquil and comfortable tiny home.

Guest Accommodation

One of the key challenges that a standard tiny house has is that it is hard to accommodate numerous guests. With a larger tiny house, it will allow you to host different gatherings for multiple guests. Hosting friends and family in your bigger tiny house will give them more room to lounge, make them comfortable, and it could provide sleeping arrangements for them. With a cozy environment, there will be no more need for the additional costs of off-site accommodations.

Design Flexibility

With more room to design, a bigger-sized tiny house will provide you with more room for creative design. The different creative possibilities is a great advantage if you like a change of scenery or even experiment with unique artistic elements. This flexibility will allow you to experiment and explore architectural elements, including creative storage solutions, loft extensions, or different nooks for various purposes. A larger tiny house will allow you to give an inspired and personalized touch that reflects your lifestyle.

tiny house bedroom
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Storage Solutions

The benefit of having more space in your tiny house means that you can also have more storage options to maximize the functionality of your home. Since storage is a constant consideration that is needed when living in small spaces, the increased space will provide you with various options for storage while helping you become organized. The different possible storage solutions will enable you to keep belongings out of sight, clutter-free, and visually pleasing.

Space for Hobbies

The increased space provided by a larger tiny house will give you more areas that can be designated for various activities and hobbies that you want to explore. With more space, you can indulge in different creative pursuits and even some sports training. Whether it be for crafting, painting, woodworking, practicing drills, or yoga, a larger tiny house is a suitable upgrade for you.


In your lifetime, several circumstances can lead to various changes that you and your house need to adapt to. As your life changes, your home must also cope with that change. Keeping in mind that change is constant in everyone’s lives, a larger tiny house allows you the flexibility that one will need. As your needs evolve, your tiny house must evolve as well, and a bigger-sized tiny house provides more flexibility to adapt to different circumstances. If there is an additional member of the family, a workplace needed, or even a needed venue, having a larger tiny house will reduce the need to upsize drastically as you would with a traditional home. This adaptability and flexibility will surely be helpful in the future.

Long-Term Livability

A larger tiny house can accommodate several changes that you experience over time. Aside from this, while other traditional houses are specifically designed for part-time living or depending on the season, a bigger-sized tiny house will be more conducive to year-round or permanent living. This provides better insulation, ventilation, and space for different amenities that you have in mind.

Core Principles to consider for Bigger-Sized Tiny Houses

Since you already know the advantages that come with choosing a larger tiny house, it is important to keep in mind principles of tiny house living that you should ensure for a stress-free environment. Here are some principles that you need to consider in upgrading your tiny home.


One of the main philosophies in tiny house living is minimalism. This means that despite having a larger space for different things, reducing unnecessary possessions must still be enforced to avoid any excess and clutter. Maintaining a minimalist tiny home must still be a philosophy that you abide by.

minimalist tiny house
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


It is crucial to ensure that the size increase will not compromise the overall sustainability of your dwelling. Although a larger tiny house can still be more environmentally friendly than traditional homes, it is essential that factors relating to sustainability are maintained and not eradicated.


Since some houses are designed to be mobile or on wheels, you must plan and strategize transportation if you would still like this feature of your tiny home. Despite having its challenges, you can still have a larger home with mobility.

Upgrading to a Bigger-Sized House

Choosing a bigger-sized tiny house allows you to embrace the core principles of the tiny house movement while accommodating your individual preferences and needs. It's a harmonious blend of simplicity and practicality, offering a lifestyle that's both cozy and functional. So, if you're drawn to the idea of tiny living but appreciate a bit more space, consider the advantages of a bigger-sized tiny house – a true haven where spaciousness and coziness coexist in perfect harmony.

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