Nadia Marshall

Long-term Small Space Design Enthusiast

About This Designer

Nadia Marshall is a first-time Australian tiny house designer but long-term small space design enthusiast from tiny houses to containers to buses and vans. Her father is an architect so she grew up with an appreciation of good space and scribbling house plans with her sister from a young age. The plans began with the perfect cubby house and moved to their dream mansions but she always came back to the cubby houses… and now she lives in the ultimate cubby on wheels! She is strongly influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian design principles and is rather obsessed with Pinterest!

Nadia began designing the Byron Tiny House in mid 2014, and after months of experimentation, she and her husband finally began building it in late 2016, moving in on 15 August 2016. The house has been featured on the Tiny House Talk blog and the ‘Living Big In A Tiny House’ Youtube channel.

Kester and Nadia enjoy living in community, not working too hard, growing their own veggies, cooking their own food, spending lots of time at the beach, and living simply… and the tiny house lifestyle has facilitated all of these!

In her day-job, Nadia is the co-owner and director of the Mudita Institute in Byron Bay (with Kester). She is an Ayurvedic Food and Lifestyle Consultant, Cook and Health Writer. She has written a cookbook, an in-depth guide to Ayurvedic nutrition and has had many articles published on international websites. She lives in the Byron Shire with her husband, Kester, and their two Australian Shepherds.

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