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Monique Villiger & Aswan Shankara

A Harmonious Balance between Beautiful and Practical Designs.

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Monique Villiger (Mon) and Aswan Shankara (Az) are the couple behind the TYNY house design. The success of the design is down to their complimentary (and at times conflicting) values and skills.

Az, a carpenter by trade, took the lead on the practical aspects of the design, ensuring the safety of the structure and having the professional know-how to execute the high standard finish of the design. His knowledge of building practices, as well as his in-depth experience with a variety of materials and products, was a key element to the success of the design.

In the design, Az valued such things as good quality, natural and eco-efficient materials,  clever and practical storage, large windows for light, and good airflow and cross ventilation.

Mon took the lead on design and aesthetics, putting the many ideas and concepts they had into a 3D model. Having a creative background and a broad imagination, she drew on inspiration from her local environment, the urban city of Melbourne, as well as minimalist concepts from Scandinavia and Japan.  In the design, she valued such things as the high ceilings, the large windows,  and beautiful and comfortable spaces that encourage moments of ‘hygge’ or connection with each other and with nature outside.

This collaboration of skills and values has resulted in a design that is a harmonious balance between the beautiful and the practical, efficiency and aesthetics, the clever storage and the cozy corners that make a house a home.

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