Dee Williams

Tiny House Pioneer Who Built One of the First Tiny Homes on Wheels in 2004

About This Designer

PAD’s Dee Williams is a tiny house pioneer who built one of the first tiny homes on wheels in 2004, which she lived in for more than ten years. Dee’s house, life and memoir The Big Tiny have been featured widely in the media, including:

In 2014, the release of her memoir The Big Tiny brought her compelling story to a broader audience, and her signature wit, candor and heart have helped people around the world question how they can live a full-hearted life with less overhead.

Dee founded PAD Tiny Houses to offer DIY tiny house builders the education, building plans and resources she wished she had back when she was building her first little house. As one of the most long-standing and respected companies in the tiny house industry, we encourage hopeful tiny house residents to ask themselves what they really need out of a home to be happy, and we advocate for small homes of all kinds to be a vital part of America’s housing mix. Our tiny house construction plans, ebooks and educational workshops have helped thousands of people learn to build a little house on wheels that offers them new ways to see their time, money, hobbies, possessions and communities.

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