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August 31, 2023
Minim tiny house living room | Window shade doubles as film screen

Minim's living area and kitchen are quite spacious making it well suited for entertaining and living comfortably.

We are absolutely thrilled to share that the Minim House by Brian Levy is now available on!

The Minim House tiny house has been one of our most cherished since it was built. Some of our favorite features are the drawer, slide-out bed, ground floor living (no loft), its' high energy efficiency, its' stunning, modern design, and the drop down movie screen which can be viewed from the 8' long sofa.

From an environmental standpoint, its' thick SIPs walls will shield inhabitants from inclement weather efficiently. The Minim is also set up for solar and rain water catchment, making it an ideal choice for those who truly want to minimize their environmental footprint.

The Minim House tiny house is the only micro house to win three American Institute of Architects design awards and with good reason; several unique design features makes this home a stand out in the field. Brian Levy's tiny home allows one table top to be moved and serve four separate roles: coffee table, dining table for 6, extra kitchen counter space/bar, and home office desk.

Minim tiny house dining area

Table in dining position

Minim tiny house with coffee table out

Table in coffee table position

Minim tiny house with home office set up

Table in home office position

Minim tiny house with cocktail table set up

Table in kitchen workspace/bar position

At 11' wide x 22'5", the Minim tiny house is a wide load tiny house, affording much more living space and comfort than an 8'6" tiny. The kitchen and living areas are extremely spacious, allowing for gatherings with several friends. And with ground floor living, if you don't want to crawl in and out of a loft, this may just be your dream home!

Minim tiny house movie screen

The window shade doubles as a film screen!

The plans for the Minim tiny house are complete and beautifully put together. This is a design which has been engineered, which should bring peace of mind to anyone who builds it. This is also a home which has been built many times over, so a truly tried and true design.

You'll find the lowest prices on the Minim House architectural plans right here on and you'll also receive over $200 in FREE bonuses such as our 6 hour step-by-step "How to Build a Tiny House" video series as well as access to our digital "Tiny House Workshop" with over 16 hours of content. Both will arm you with all you need to know to build and start living your tiny house dream!

Read more about the Minim House HERE.


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